Royal wedding

Royal Wedding Special Prefix GR- MR-2R

To manage the expected influx for the next 3 years or so, it has proved vital to open a separate sub-group for R cards, as they contain no regional identifier.

Fortunately, Martin Coles G0VXC has kindly accepted the challenge of distributing R cards, within the UK. NOV call holders wishing to receive cards need to deposit separate, C5 size, stamped and numbered envelopes with him, clearly showing the special callsign in the Top Left Hand Corner. To avoid sorting confusions and in line with conventional GB and Contest cards, incoming foreign Royal Wedding QSL confirmations will not be re-directed via the home call sign, or qsl manager even if written on the card. If you want to receive your cards contact Martin G0VXC, QTHR, as per the RSGB yearbook and RSGB membersí website.

GB-Royal Wedding stations operated by clubs, should lodge envelopes with the GB-events manager in the normal way. It would also greatly help us if all active stations would write a large call sign appropriate R on the rear of their QSL package when posting. Please be sure to band all UK destination cards separately for easy sorting, as per usual the Yearbook instructions.