Apply for novs online

Apply for NoVs online

Holders of Full Amateur Radio Licences can now apply for NoVs online - just complete a short form and your NoV will be automatically emailed to you.

NoVs currently available online

Important NoV information

  • Please note that holders of existing 5 MHz NoVs must apply for a new NoV, and comply with the revised terms and conditions, if they wish to access the additional frequencies. Their existing NoV will not be automatically upgraded, they must apply for the new NoV online.
  • Existing holders of a 5 MHz NoV are not obliged to apply for the new NoV. They can continue to use this variation to their licence until the expiry date, but they must comply with Terms and Conditions of that NoV, i.e. only have access to 7 spot frequencies and the message content can only be with regard to arranging propagation experiments.
  • Ofcom: Amateur Radio Full Licence Notice of Variation changes from 1 January 2013