RAYNET insurance

1. Public Liability. This is the same as for any other RSGB Affiliated Society, with cover up to £5M, but with an excess of £500 on any claim for damage to 3rd Party Property. This is exactly the same as the policy offered by the Network, despite frequently-heard claims that they have no excess to pay! The broker is to investigate whether this excess might be reduced.

2. Personal Accident. The Network made available details of their policy, and I am pleased to say that the RSGB will move to an identical policy, with effect from either 1st November or 1st January, depending how soon you give us the details below. The names will not be given to the company, but they need the spread of ages and raw numbers as these affect the premium ­ the RSGB will keep the names, as in the case of a claim we have to certify that on that date the person involved was registered as a member. AFTER THE CHANGE-OVER DATE, THE OLD POLICY WILL CEASE TO EXIST, SO YOU MUST PROVIDE THE INFORMATION IN ORDER FOR YOUR MEMBERS TO HAVE PERSONAL ACCIDENT COVER. It will now be the individual, named member of each RSGB RAYNET group who is covered, and not a blanket cover for the whole group. So, each group should send in the following information, preferably a list in Excel format.

Name of Group
Name, callsign and contact details of Controller or Secretary
Name of each member.
Callsign if any
Age >16 yrs 16 ­ 75 yrs >75 yrs

This data will be held by RSGB staff, and I do not have access under our DP policy, but please add a note to say ³I have no objection to a copy of this data being held by the RSGB Public Service Director². If you feel able to do this, I will only use the data for generating statistical reports for insurance and other areas where numbers, not names, of participating members are required.

The age groups are important only in terms of loss of earnings ­ general benefits are the same for all, with a top age of 90 yrs.

This also means that from now on it up to groups TO NOTIFY US OF ANY CHANGES ­ PERSONS JOINING OR LEAVING THE GROUP, so that we keep up to date at all times.

Benefits are roughly double what you presently enjoy:

1. Death £50,000
2. Loss of sight one or both eyes or loss of limbs £25,000
3. Loss of hearing one ear or loss of internal organ? £12,500
4. Loss of hearing both ears £50,000
5. Loss of speech £50,000
6. Permanent total disablement £50,000
7. Temporary total disablement per week £100
8. Medical expenses for temporary total disablement £10,000


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