Seeking your views

The Board is introducing two new processes to draw members (and on some topics, non-members as well) into the RSGB policy creation process. We need to know your views, preferences and opinions on a range of matters that affect the fun that you get out of the hobby and the benefits that RSGB membership provides. The processes are being piloted on two topics as set out below. We hope that many people will feel able to contribute to these processes.


Currently, there are no ongoing consultations.

Information on past consultations is as follows:

Litmus Tests

The “Litmus Test” is a form of consultation when consensus formation is the main goal. It is used where the subject on which we are seeking views is more suited to a discussion. The difference between the applications of the two approaches is related to the extent to which the idea or issue has been developed, and sometimes the degree of freedom within the subject on which we are consulting.

We are using the term “Litmus Test” as a nickname for this consensus forming process. The name is drawn from the use of the litmus test in chemistry as an indicator of acidity or alkalinity.

Current Litmus Tests

Information on past Litmus Tests

Consultation usage guidelines and etiquette

The attention of all users of the RSGB online facilities is brought to our User Guidelines.

For the Litmus Test the following etiquette should be followed:

  • Participants agree to adhere to restricting their discussion to the matter in-hand, in case of doubt the view of the moderators is final
  • General behaviour on postings should be courteous and respectful of others. Moderators may warn and ultimately block persistent offenders
  • Where possible critical reasoning is to be preferred over asserted opinion